The Best Men’s Morning Grooming Routine

Let me begin by saying that everyone has a different morning grooming routine. If your routine doesn’t mate my idea of the best men’s morning grooming routine then don’t take it too hard.

I would suggest taking a look at this routine. Take notes. Think, is doing this routine better than what I currently do? Can I change my grooming routine to be better by taking some of these actions?

I’m writing this article to give you that extra point of view. To give you some ideas of what you could do in your daily routine.

On the reverse of that. If you do something in your daily male grooming routine that you think is better – and you think that it should be included here – then why not leave a comment below telling me your routine and what you believe is better.

If it truly is better then I may just update this article and include the item from your routine – crediting you of course.

That all said, here is what I consider the best men’s morning grooming routine.

The daily routine

1. Get some fluids in you

Now, I have to say that this is not the very first thing I do when waking up – that involves removing some fluids. However, I’m a true believer in hydrating – so number 1 is to get some fluids in you.

When I say fluids, I’m not talking about something that could potentially dehydrate or even anything with chemicals of any type (including caffeine in that). What I am referring too is grabbing a glass of water and drinking it.

Ideally, it should be at least 1 pint of water. Drinking a glass of water helps you to wake up and hydrates your body aft your 8 hours (or thereabout) sleep. Your body needs the water after sleeping – as well as its benefits to your skin and general grooming.

It’s a simple task that you should en-grain into your daily routine.

2. Shower, wash, and condition

Some people prefer to brush and floss their teeth before showing but I prefer to go the other way.

The first benefit is it continues the process of helping you wake up. Drinking water helps, but stepping into a shower really does wake you up.

Showering will also help remove the dead skin you have accumulated through the previous day and night as well as helping to hydrate and freshen up your skin first thing.

Just washing your skin with a bar of soap is not enough. You need to wash down with good quality, soap free natural wash. I would suggest a wash with coconut extract to create a naturally foaming lather.

The suggestion in regards to washing your hair is that you do that every other day. Washing too often and you’ll lose natural oils.

3. Cleanse and exfoliate

I think it quite amusing these days but I never used to know what exfoliate was. 

Today, to have the best daily grooming routine you need to exfoliate.

Every morning you should use a face wash to rid the skin of dirt and oil, and use a scrub once or twice a week to remove dead skin.

You want to exfoliate your skin to ensure you remove any of the dead skin that could potentially cause any issues with your skin on your face.

4. Shave and moisturize

The next step in this morning routine is to shave and moisturize.

For the best possible shave, you should be doing this while your skin is still wet from the shower and cleanse. 

I previously wrote an article about the best shave routine so why not check that out for ideas that could improve your shaving experience.

For this article, stage 4 is to shave your face and then moisturize your skin to add back that moisture you have removed.

5. Rince sinuses

This is probably not a step that many others do in their morning routine, but for me, it is an important one.

During the day and night, we are breathing in pollutants. Some of these pollutants may get stuck in our nose and sinus. Combined with that you may have clogged up sinus for other reasons – I know I often do.

My morning routine, usually just before I brush my teeth, is to use a sinus wash to wash them out through my nose.

The sinus rinse I use is a brand called NeilMed (If you’re based in the UK you can find this NeilMed sinus rinse here).

I find that this really freshens up my sinus and really does add to that morning preparation and wake up routine. It may not be for everyone, but I can not imagine my morning routine without doing this. (lookout for a future post on this subject)

6. Brush, floss, and rinse

For some, this step may be higher in their routine. Personally, I feel that brushing, flossing and rinsing my teeth fit better in my routine after I have showered and shaved.

If you want to keep your teeth healthy to old age and you wanted them to look fresh and bright then you need to ensure your brush and floss as part of your daily routine.

Personally, I find that having a fresh mouth after brushing really makes me feel fresh again. There is something about having a minty fresh breath.

7. Brush your hair

The final step is brushing the unwieldy hair. It always amazes me how much your hair can get wild while you’re asleep.

It’s almost as if someone comes along and shakes your hair with both hands tangling and messing it up as much as possible.

There is no excuse for not running a comb or brush through your hair in the morning. I like to keep my hair short and even I brush my hair before leaving.

Your hair is the first statement that anyone sees. Do you want it to make a good or bad first statement?

You may like to use some product or conditioner in your hair. I often find that adding a little hair wax and styling my hair makes me feel that little bit more special. 

Though, this is not a pre-requisite for your hair – unless you also like to do that of course.

The routine

So, do you agree? Is this not the best men’s morning grooming routine? Do you do something different? Do you want to add something? Do you not agree?

If you do something different or want to add something then why not leave a comment on this post. I will take note of each one and test them out in my routine. Any that enhance the routine I will add and credit.

One final note – take the time to enjoy your daily grooming routine. It’s the thing that can make your day start the right and enjoyable way.


I've spent many years looking, learning and trying all sorts of hair and body health and stying. I wanted to share what I've learned through this page as well as open and create a discussion on techniques that may be better than I use now.

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