Should You Cut Your Own Hair At Home

As I write this we are currently in lockdown. I got thinking after not being able to visit the hairdressers – my hair had got to that point. If we are in lockdown for some time, getting hair trimmed could prove difficult.

So, cutting your own hair at home may be the only option.

Getting others to do it

My personal preference; if you have a partner who is in the home with you – get them to trim it.

The easiest solution is to use a trimmer.

A man can do a lot of hair grooming with a trimmer. Beards, body hair and you head hair. You can get trimmers specifically made for you to trim your hair by yourself – though a regular trimmer will do.

Rather than go into a list of details here; I feel the best tutorial on cutting your own hair with a trimmer is on this wikihow page on how to cut your own hair.

Final note – how not to cut your hair

As I mentioned earlier, the main inspiration for putting this post together was the lockdown and my own thoughts on how I can keep my hair in trim. As I was writing this I saw a post on the BBC News site which I thought was a good fun edition to show.

cut your own hair


I've spent many years looking, learning and trying all sorts of hair and body health and stying. I wanted to share what I've learned through this page as well as open and create a discussion on techniques that may be better than I use now.

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