Men’s Dos and Don’ts Of Eyebrow Grooming


Men’s Dos and Don’ts Of Eyebrow Grooming

If you’re like me, your eyebrows have a mind of their own. They keep growing. The pop out here and there – there is always that 1 or 2 wild hairs.

Left alone they start getting bushy, wirey and really look untidy.

They start to look bushy and just undity

They just start to look untidy. How are you meant to have a well groomed look if your eyebrows just start to look wild. Talking to someone you just thing – are my eyebrows sticking up or out? Are they looking too bushy?

You just start to become self concious of your eyebrows. Why should you feel this way about some part of your body?

The solution is simple

It truly is a simple solution. Saying it out load it sounds so simple at least. As a man you’re allowed to trim your eyebrows – get your eyebrows done.

Take control of your eyebrows. Trim them. Pluck them. Control them.

Taking care and control of your eyebrows is a requirement in your grooming process as a man.

Some quesitons you maybe asking yourself after that revelation

So, it’s not uncommon for men to get their eyebrows done. For a number of years now, many hair dressers I have been too have asked if I wanted my eyebrows trimmed. It’s just hair at the end of the day; though if done wrong, it can give you a look you don’t want.

Having said that, you may have questions. So, let me answer some obvious ones for you.

Do guys get their eyebrows done?

Yes. Men need to regularly do eyebrow maintenance. As men get older their eyebrows need more work to keep them neat and tidy.

Though at any age men should consider keeping their eyebrows neat and tidy.

How do men do their eyebrows?

There is generally a personal set routine for each man to do their eyebrows. My personal routine is as follows.

  1. Brush them up towards my forehead using a fine comb – a mustache comb is quite good for this
  2. Time the longest ones – sometimes referred to as the outsiders
  3. I use a trimmer to take out the biggest volume of hairs
  4. Use tweezers and tidy them up – any that are still out of place or not good I get with tweezers
  5. Brush them back into the correct place – again using a find comb

Do guys do eyebrow threading?


Using a good professional, eyebrows can be threaded without too much discomfort. It’s certainly less painful than waxing and allows for smaller and more precise shaping.

Threading should be the go-to for men who want a specific grooming process and who don’t mind some up close and personal spa treatment.

Should men trim their eyebrows?

Yes. As mentioned above, men should do continued maintenance on their eyebrows. You can do this by trimming them; with a trimmer or scissors; or by using tweezers and plucking them.

Which ever method you use, men should keep their eyebrows trimmed and neat.

So what are some dos and don’ts for trimming your eyebrows

When maintaining your eyebrows; there are many dos and don’t. Listed below are some important dos and don’ts that I consider when doing my own eyebrow maintenance.

Do: Find your eyebrows start and end points

To have the perfect look it takes a little planning. You wouldn’t think it really for your eyebrows, but planning the start and end point and trimming to them makes a big difference.

To find the end point (or end point depending on which way you go) – take a comb and make a line from the tip of your nose to the outside cornder of your eye. Remove any excess hairs on the outside of this line.

To find the start point of your eyebrows, take the comb and hold it verticle in the middle of your nose. Again, remove any excess hairs outside of the start point.

Do this for both eyebrows.

Don’t: Trim from the top

Always start your trimming from the bottom of your eyebrows. Why?

If you have even seen a man with overly-arched eyebrows – it’s probably because they started from the top of their eyebrows when trimming (or plucking).

You need the hairs of the top of your eyebrows to look full to get the best effect.

Do: Use tweezing

Quite often I resort to trimming my eyebrows. However, using a trimmer is only required when you have not continuously cared for your eyebrows and they have grown to bushy.

Taking the time to use tweezers and tweezing your brows daily will allow you to maintain that well groomed look as well as having more control over how your eyebrows look.

I often pluck my eyebrows daily to get rid of that 1 or 2 wild hairs growing.

Don’t: Go overboard

It may sound obvious but I am going to mention it anyhow.

Dont’t go overboard on your eyebrow trimming. There is nothing worse that trimming or tweezing too much and your eyebrows start to look a bit thin. Eyebrows can look a little strange on men if too thin.

Do: Use the correct products

Eyebrows are hair. Ok, so they are on your face and not on the top of your head – however, there are still products you should use.

You may want to pick up a eyebrow brush. Maybe some eyebrow gel. Using an eyebrow brush to put them into the right shape, then eyebrow gel to hold them in place will allow you to shape them how you want.

Also, good quality tweezers and the right trimmer is a must.

Don’t: Be afraid to use brow gel

As mentioned above, eyebrow gel will allow you to lock your eyebrows into the shape you desire. It also allows you to ensure you cover any spots where they maybe alittle thinner.

Just remember, as with any gel, go easy on the amount you use.

Do: Leave some grey hairs

It maybe tempting to remove all grey hairs from your eyebrows. However, going back to not going overboard, if you pluck too many hairs your eyebrows will start to look a little sparse.

Let’s face it – if you have grey hairs on your eyebrows then you can bet you have some on your head too. I personally think a little grey adds to character.

Don’t: Shave your eyebrow hair

I often use a trimmer to trim my eyebrows. These trimmers are designed to use with guards that allow you to define a lenght of hair.

Razers / shavers don’t allow you to define that. Using a shaver to trim your hair could result in you taking off too much.

The other thing to remember is, with a shaver you taking the hair down to the surface. Hair grows fast, so in a few days it would need doing again. If you want to remove hairs, use tweezing and not shavers.

Do: Do your research

This one is about when you choose some professional to do your eyebrows.

Always do research on the people you trust to do your eyebrows. Check reviews. Find out if they have any other male clients – we have different needs to a woman when it comes to eyebrow shaping.

When you meet them, check out their own look as this can often be a give away to how professional they are.

Don’t: Get your eyebrows waxed

You may have a wife, girlfriend or some other female friend that has their eyebrows waxed. For women this works – especially when they prefer to use makeup.

It’s a no no for men. You need a natural look for you eyebrows – anything else can look strange on men. Waxing eyebrows for men is not something we suggest to be done.

Don’t: Rule out threading

Threading uses a string technique to remove unwanted facial hair. Most places I see this being done in the mall has women having their eyebrows threaded.

Don’t rule this out for men. Threading is a more precise way of removing facial hair and works very well.

Again, do your research before having it done – make sure the person doing it is a professional and will make a good job of it for you.

Using a trimmer

You could also use a trimmer to trim your eyebrows. Check out my other post on how to trim your eyebrows with a trimmer.

Take control of your eyebrows

Taking control of your eyebrow grooming will remove that self concious feeling you have. You know that your eyebrows are impeccably groomed which enhances your personal look.

Feeling well groomed without any worry will also lift how you are feeling – as you always feel good when you know you are looking good.


I've spent many years looking, learning and trying all sorts of hair and body health and stying. I wanted to share what I've learned through this page as well as open and create a discussion on techniques that may be better than I use now.

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