Men’s Beard Styles And What Faces They Suit

As a man, you might wonder about ‘what is the peak beard season‘ and if it is long gone. In actuality, the men’s facial hair trend is here to stay for a long time. Your beard is the most prominent and important part of your facial hair. So, the emphasis on ‘how to have the best beard style among all the men’s beard styles’ has become so mainstream.

Every hairstyle does not suit you or reflect your personality. In the same way, not all men’s beard styles would choose you. However, you would have to find the best beard style according to your face shape to do justice to your facial hair.


Men’s Beard Styles According to Face Shapes

Here are some men’s facial trends to help you find the best beard style:

For an Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you can get away with many men’s beard styles that other men cannot pull off perfectly. Having an oval face means that you have a mixture of round and square face features both. So, you do not need to balance anything when it comes to men’s facial hair trends.

For an oval best, the best option would be to have squared beard at your jaw along with razor-sharp lines on your cheek, just below your cheekbones.

For A Rectangular Face

Having a rectangular face means having a long face. Therefore, having a long-pointed beard is something you should avoid as it will make your face look more elongated. It’s important to give width to a rectangular face. So, beard on fuller cheeks would be the best option. Moreover, if you feel like this men’s beard style does not suit you enough, allow your facial hair to grow a little above your cheeks. This would definitely more your face wider.

For A Triangular Face

Men with triangular faces with prominent chins. This shape is quite the opposite of a diamond shape. So, the main purpose of men’s facial hair would be to draw attention from the prominent chin.

The easiest and manageable men’s beard style for triangular faces is the beardstache style. It is basically a stubble or a short beard with a thick moustache. With this style, avoid having thick facial hair or patches on your cheeks as it would bring a wider jawline and established jaw sideburns.

For A Round Face

People with round faces have to play with an angle with their men’s facial hair. If you want a flattering look, try to keep a short beard on the cheeks and a longer one where the chin starts. The best men’s beard style for round faces is the goatee. A goatee would create an illusion of a longer face.

For A Heart Face

There’s no man on earth that should be accused of having a prominent and long chin. A heart shape is basically a sign of a small face. So, its unnecessary to invest in trimmers and beard oils. In this case, you need to have a light beard or else, your face would appear smaller.

You need a beard that does not overpower your jawline structure. A rough designed stubble would just be okay to add the depth and volume you need near your jawline.


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