Maintaining Your Look While Traveling

As I currently sit in my hotel room, listening to the trams outside, I find myself thinking about how my daily routine changes when I am not at home. Traveling can sometimes be difficult when wanting to maintain your look as you tend to not bring all your gels and grooming kits.

You tend to be limited to what you can carry in your bags, combined with what the hotel may have to offer.

If you’re traveling on holiday you may have a suite case that goes in the cargo hold of the plane. You maybe able to fit in more items as you don’t have the limitations of 100ml or less. There is still a limit. You’re even more limited when you are traveling for business and you take just carry on bags. This is the situation I find myself in at this moment – so it’s a subject I often thing about.


Travel cleaning products

The good thing is, that, you can go to many general large supermarkets and find one of two things. The first are mini versions of some of the products you may use. Quite often though they may not be the exact product you would use – though this is the usual thing I do which is why I currently have the products below in my hotel bathroom.

Shower Gel & Shampoo

You could also rely on the hotel providing you products. This really depends on the hotel – though the one I am staying at here in Poland does have some products in my shower.

Shower Gel & Shampoo In Showee

The one thing about using products provided is, that, you don’t know or control what those products are. So, you either risk their use or not. This is probably more of an issue if you may have more sensitive skin.

One final options is many supermarkets also sell a set of empty bottles designed for you to fill up with your own shampoo, conditions, shower gel and any other product you want to take. These are generally inexpensive and allow you to take the products you use.

Your body spray and aftershave

The next problem is most body sprays or aftershaves come in containers with more than 100ml. You will have an issue getting these through the security checkpoints in your hand luggage.

One options is to buy a body spray at your destination – then throw it away. Again, doing this limits you a little if you like a particular product or smell.

Another option is to buy from the airport. Once you get through the security checkpoint you could buy your product from the shops at the airport. The once problem with this is it’s good for the way out – but you will have to leave it behind for you return journey.

In the past I have generally tackled this one of two ways. The first was to go out on arrival and purchase some body spray. I’ve found most placed I have been have a generally good selection.

The second solution maybe something you have not thought of before. As a bit of a history I used to have a site where I found and listed freebies. One of the many types of freebies were samples for aftershaves and perfumes.

In many cases these samples were wipes with just one use – a few of these could help. On occasion though, some would send you a 5ml or so small spray bottle of their aftershave cologne. I would save these up and take them with me on any business trips.

These tend to be higher end colognes and small bottles which fit nicely under the 100ml limit.

The third option

For this trip I found a third option. One of the body sprays I like to use is Lynx or Axe as it’s known in some countries.

On my visit to the supermarket for this trip I found a new collection of pump sprays (not aerosols as usual) with fragrances I had not spelt before. The other great thing is that these cans came in at 100ml so perfect for travel.

The also smell fantastic – the fragrance I chose this time is “*Oud Wood & Dark Vanilla*”, though some of the others smelt great too

Lynx Body Spray

Shaving, hairbrush and other essentials

Next comes shaving. This is a sticky situation as you would not be allowed any bladed item in you carry on bags. This will leave you any wet razor you have. In regards to an electric razor; I have read that these are allowed in carry on luggage – so you should be ok with those (though I would check with your airline).

As I usually wet shave – what I do when I travel for business for more that a few days – I usually go to the local shop again and pick up a pack of disposable razors.

Now, they don’t work as good as your 5, 7 or more bladed razor at home – but for a few days they work just fine.

Hairbrushes should be fine for travel as long as they are your everyday plastic kind.

Items such as nail clippers: again I have read on my sites that these are acceptable as long as you put in a plastic bag for display. However, you may also want to check with you airline. Scissors are not allowed.

Hairdryer, iron, etc

All the other things you may need, the hotel may have on hand. I know the hotel I am currently in has a hairdryer in the shower – and items such as irons (which you may need to get your clothing perfect) can generally be requested.

You can, of course, buy travel items such has hairdryer’s, straighteners and so on. Though this does add more weight and maybe picked up for closer inspection. I personally leave these to the hotel.

Travel and being well groomed is possible

So, traveling and staying well groomed is possible. You may not always be able to use your generally products. You may not be able to follow you exact routines.

However, taking some time to think, plan and get the right items if you are going with just carry on luggage – is possible to keep your standards up for your look.


I've spent many years looking, learning and trying all sorts of hair and body health and stying. I wanted to share what I've learned through this page as well as open and create a discussion on techniques that may be better than I use now.

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