The Importance Of A Manicure Set Tools And Uses


Lets talk about the importance of a manicure set tools and uses

First lets talk about how important it is to take care of our hands and feet and their nails. Our hands and feed are exposed daily to dirt, and harsh weather – both hot and cold. In regards to our hands, not only are they exposed daily but we interact with items using them. They get exposed to all sorts of potential dirt which can accumulate, especially under the nails.

So, it is important to both wash our hands – but also make sure we pay attention and care for our nails. This is possibly something we don’t think of enough as men and they can get left to build up dirt, get chipped or cracked.

So, a manicure set is important to have

So, we have talked about looking after our nails, so we can understand the importance of a manicure set, the tools and the uses of those tools.

Lets start with the tools. What should be in a good manicure set? A good manicure set will consist of the following tools:

  1. Nail Clippers/Cutter
  2. Cuticle Pusher
  3. Cuticle Nipper
  4. Nail File
  5. Pumice Stone
  6. Nail Brush
  7. Mild Exfoliation Scrub

1. Nail Clippers/Cutter

Nail ClippersI think many will know what these are, but for those that maybe don’t. Nail clippers/cutter is a tool that you can use to cut your finger (and toe) nails. Its designed to allow you to easily clip your nails and often has a curved blade to follow the contour of your finger tips.

This is the most basic tool in your manicure kit and probably the most used tool also. How to use is pretty simple too, you simply place your nail between the blades (making sure there is no skin between the blades). Once your ready to cut, you push the leaver down to bring the blades together.

2. Cuticle Pusher

Cuticle PusherCuticles are the dead skin at the base of a fingernail or toenail. If you take a look at your finger nails now, you will see the skin at the base of your nail – its quite easy to see.

Cuticles require some special care to ensure they don’t become dry or flaky. We use a cuticle pusher to push the skin from your nails back and away.

You have a choice of cuticle pusher depending on if the skin is hard or soft. If it is hand skin then you will want to use a steel pusher, if soft then a wooden one maybe better. Note: You should never cut cuticles. This is because, if you happen to slice the thin lining on the bottom of your nail bed, it will lead to infection.

How do you use a cuticle pusher? We use the spoon end of the pusher to push the cuticle. Use the sharper end to push against the cuticles around the corners. Be sure to be as gentle as you can.

3. Cuticle Nipper

Cuticle NipperFirst thing to say is don’t be fooled by the name of these as you should never cut live cuticle skin (like we mentioned above). We use cuticle nippers to cut dead skin like hang nails, tough cuticles and the dry skin around your nails.

The great thing about cuticle nippers is they give better control and allow more precise cutting it tight to reach areas. They are also good for things like ingrown nails.

To use; once you have pushed the cuticle back, if tiny pieces of skin or cuticle around your nail bed, use this tool to gently trim the unsightly skin. Do this with an upward motion to lift this dead skin up and away from the nail.

4. Nail File

Nail FileI think many will know of nail files and what they do but for those that may not. A nail file, is as it says in its name, a file for you nails.

You may get rough edges on your nails, maybe they split a little. You would use a nail file to file down the rough edges on the nails making them nice and smooth. This is a great tool for finishing off your nails after you have cut them, ensuring they have a smooth finish.

Note: Before you use a nail file, make sure the nail is dry as a wet nail splits more easily.

To use a nail file; hold the file at a 45-degree angle, parallel to the sides of your nails. Start at one corner and move to the center of your nail. Repeat on the other side.

5. Pumice Stone

Pumice StoneI like to think of a pumice stone as a file for you feet. You use a pumice stone to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells and calluses usually found on the bottom of your feet. Your getting rid of the dead cracked skin on the bottom and heal of your feet.

To use a pumice stone, first you need to soak your feet in warm water for around 10 minutes or so – this softens the skin. Then gently rub the pumice stone over the area you want to remove the skin from.

6. Nail Brush

Nail BrushA nail brush is one of those every day things you may already used. We use them to clean behind the nails, removing any dirt or other bits that may have found their way in behind the nail.

It’s very important to ensure that your nails are clean.

To use, simply place your nails under some warm running water. Put some anti-bacterial soap onto the brush and scrub between your nail and fingers gently until clean.

7. Mild Exfoliation Scrub

Exfoliation ScrubExfoliation is the key to soft and smooth skin . By using a mild scrub for your hands and feet helps to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells. This also helps in promoting circulation so scrub away but be gentle, especially with your hands.

To use, please check the label on the package as each maybe different.

The Men’s Manicure Set

So, that’s all the tools that we need. A men’s manicure set should include the above to ensure your hands and feet start in the best groomed state possible. Some sets you can buy will include many of these, but some items you will need to purchase separate.

Be sure to look after you hands and feet as you only get one set. It’s easy to forget how important they are, until you find they need that extra care.


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