How Do Men Groom Their Face?

When you’re a young lad you often look forward to the day that you can grow that facial hair. I know I did. However, when you finally grow that first shadow on your face – it’s time to try and understand how do men groom their face?

It seems like a simple, easy task to work out and complete – but when you start doing it you soon find out things such as how sore it can be to shave or how sensitive your skin can be.

You may not realise just how itchy your beard can get. So, here are my tips on how to groom your face as a man.


1. Use a good razor

If you are going to keep your face clean shaven then this first tip is for you.

Get a high quality, sharp razor to do the job. Getting a high quality and sharp razor, especially one that is designed for close shaves, will make you look and feel good. There is nothing worse that a razor missing a few hairs – they can irritate you for the day.

If you are not getting a close, clean cut or your skin feels like it is being irritated – try changing your blade or razor.

2. Wash with warm water first

Another tip that may prove worthy for you to try. Don’t just shave your stubble dry.Dry hair can is more brittle.

Run some warm water and wash your face, specifically the hair on your face with the warm water.

This should soften your skin and hair, making it easier to shave. What doing this you may want to also wash your face with a good cleanser. 

Removing any dead skin would prove useful – and if you did manage to knick yourself with the razor – there would be less bacteria after washing to stop any getting in the cut.

3. Use a good quality shaving soap and apply it when your skin is still wet

Water, especially water that is mixed with a soap, is a lubricator.

This will allow the razor to move easier and more smoothly giving your a more even cut. 

Note: this step is more for wet shavers that electrical shaves – which in most cases should be used dry – unless otherwise stated.

Pick a higher quality shaving soap – one with less chemicals as possible so as to not irritate your skin.

4. Shave using the correct shaving technique

When we learn to shave we all fall into our own shaving technique. It’s quite probable that, without being shown how to do it, the shaving technique you are using could be wrong.

If you are using a sharp razor, you do not need to apply much pressure. Applying too much pressure could cause you to knick yourself while shaving.

Make sure you’re shaving with the grain of your hairs, rather than against it, for a safe and effective shave.

Note: If you have longer growth, so several weeks, then it is better to first trim with a beard trimmer before shaving with a razor.

While shaving, pull the skin a little taught to make it easier to shave. Dip, or swish your razor in warm water to unclog the blades of trimmed hair.

5. Since your face with cold water when finished

When you’ve finished shaving you maybe tempted to rinse your face with warm water. Stop. 

When you’ve finished saving you should rinse your face in cold water. Rinsing with cold water will soothe your face and reduce any bleeding from any nicks you may have gotten.

To dry your face, pat with a down – don’t scrub.

6. Apply moisturiser

The final step in grooming your face is to apply some repair to your skin.

Imagine what you have just done. You’ve soaked your skin and pulled across it a sharp razor blade. As well as taking off the hair you may have also taken off some of the dead (or live) skin. 

Your face is now sensitive. You need to apply something to soothe or moisten up your skin. You can get shaving balms that you apply after you shave but I prefer good old moisturiser. Just be careful to use a product that doesn’t include ingredients that could cause your face to sting.

After thought

While on the subject of using moisturiser, this is something you should add to your daily routine – even at the times you have not just shaved.

You skin will dry out daily so it’s important to add back that moisture to ensure your skin stays moist.

Adding some time daily to apply moisturiser to your skin will prove beneficial.

Grooming your face

When it comes to grooming, we all have our own routines. We all like to do our personal care different, but if you follow these steps and add them to your routine – it will give you a great starting point to improve your daily routine.

Just 1 change could improve your routine and how fresh you feel after your shave and grooming.


I've spent many years looking, learning and trying all sorts of hair and body health and stying. I wanted to share what I've learned through this page as well as open and create a discussion on techniques that may be better than I use now.

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