Business Casual Wear Do’s And Don’ts

Business Casual wear sounds like a breeze, doesn’t it? After all, with this kind of dress code, you won’t have to worry about your attire almost regularly.

Well, in many cases, this is not true. In fact, casual business wear dress code is the main source of confusion among the employees when it comes to business attire.

It’s not their fault as many workplaces do not provide a clear definition of what this means. However, one thing is pretty clear that wearing shorts to the workplace is too casual and wearing a full suit is very formal.

When you are in doubt, it’s better to go for business casual wear. If you are looking for the business casual do’s and don’ts, you have landed at the right page.

Business Casual Wear Do’s and Don’ts

For men, the line between formal business wear and business casual wear lies in no tie and a tie. However, every job place is different. I mean there might be some that would allow wearing jeans to work. This blog article has some general guidelines about business casual that you help you a lot.

Do Wear Collared Shirts and Polos

Its best for men at work to stick to button-down shirts and even polo shirts. To be typical, collared button-down shirts with full sleeves are the most appropriate and professional clothing items for work. Although these shirts do not sound very casual without a tie, they give a relaxed and comfortable look.

In the warm weather, you can also wear short sleeves polo shirts. Polo shirts are also appropriate for the professional business environment.

Do Not Avoid Blazers and Jackets Altogether

Although, blazers are not included in the casual business attire but wearing it gives an added professional look on your face. However, you can only wear it when it seems like your collared shirt looks way too casual.

Its usually safe to stick to the plain on colored blazers such as navy blue, grey and black. If, for instance, you have to go to a meeting and you have casual attire on, blazer can work wonders.

Do Wear Jeans to Work

If you work in a progressive office, wearing jeans to work won’t be such a deal for you. However, wearing khaki jeans would ensure that you are dressed according to the business attire standards. Khaki pants are versatile and can go with many casual and formal shirts.

Do Not Wear Sandals to Office

Men should not wear sandals to the office. In other words, avoid wearing crocs to your office. Do invest in good office footwear. Wearing semi-formal shoes and loafers are the best option. However, if your office set-up is casual, wearing sneakers to work is okay too.

Do Not Wear Sports Gear

Even if you are a part of a dedicated sports team, never wear your team’s shirt to work, especially if it’s sleeveless. Instead of that, always opt for a collared button-down shirt with not-to-loud print. These shirts help you to be ready for unexpected meetings.

It’s Really All About Being Sensible

When it comes to what to wear for your business casual, it is really just about being casual.

Certain clothes, such as shorts and your favourite sports team t-shirt we know would not be acceptable.

Some items, such as polo shirts, start to get a little more into a grey area. Certain types of fabrics in your trousers, for example, may or may not be acceptable at different companies.

The first thing to do is check to see if any guidelines are in place for your business casual wear at work. If so, follow. If not – always air on the business side of casual.

Business Casual wear dos and donts


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